Huautla - Bag to Tub in Photos

Huautla - Bag to Tub in Photos

I had a feeling this was about to happen... after 11 days, this tub looked ready to fruit, and I looked at it today, and voila - pins. I should have moved the tub to fruiting conditions last night, but I ran out of energy and just got to it today.

The yellow you see isn't contamination - it's mycelium "pee" which means the tub isn't getting enough FAE (free air exchange), which totally makes sense as I had the tub taped up waiting for the mycelium to take over the substrate before I put it into fruiting conditions. The substrate was well colonized (see yesterday's post), so I put it into fruiting conditions today, which turned out to be late, because the tub started to fruit anyway. I keep missing this changeover point, usually because I'm not home, or just getting home, but things work out ok.

What did that move to fruiting conditions entail? I'll tell you.

  1. I took off all the painter's tape and put filters on all the large holes.
  2. I covered the little holes with micropore tape.
  3. I took the towel off the bin and moved the bin near a window. Shrooms don't need light to grow, but the light keeps the mushrooms growing in the right direction.
  4. I put a fan near the bin to ensure there's lots of fresh air circulating around the bin.
This is what the bin looked like when I opened it up for the first time. Lots of yellow isn't ideal, but it's ok. Any green is NOT ok. 

Here's what the set up looks like now.

We should be ready to harvest in a few days. 

What's next? Since we already have pins, mushrooms are next! I haven't grown this strain before - it's the OG Huautla - but it shouldn't take long.

More updates soon.