First Huautla Flush, Complete

Saturday and Sunday I was doing a lot of harvesting. I've gotten about 5 plates like this so far.  Not bad!  

The dehydrator is going nonstop. Be sure when you pop them in to dehydrate that the mushrooms aren't touching and that you dry them to "cracker crisp." A couple of these in my picture could benefit from some social distancing.

Now the tub looks like this, below. I think the dark color is from dropped spores, and you can still see a bit of "pee" - I'm doing all the fanning but this tub still wants more air. Weird.

The stragglers should be ready to harvest this evening, and then we'll see if this tub has another round to go.

It's hard to tell from this photo, but the colors are definitely yellow and brownish - not green. I don't think there's any contamination - and the tub smells great - earthy and mushroomy - like a forest floor. We should be good, and I'm keeping an eye and nose on the progress.