Huautla Flush 2 & 3

"Within Mazatec discourse, the mushrooms aren’t just a substance, they have agency, they’re alive.”

About a week after the completion of Flush 1, Flush 2 yielded about one plate of mushrooms. There weren't a lot, but very few aborts and I think the tub is happier.

Flush 2
Flush 2

Flush 3 was about 10 days after Flush 2, and a pattern I was seeing start in Flush 2 (shrooms around the outside of the tub) has definitely continued. I read up on this, and evidently they like the microclimate out there for some reason. The fuzzy feet are gone.

Flush 3 had two plates full. I guess "plates" are going to be how measure yield. My scale is too small to measure them wet, and I'm too lazy to measure them dry - so plates will do.

Flush 3 - We're Hanging Out on the Edges

This strain is definitely different - they are picky. I never got a full canopy, and they need a lot more FAE than the other strains. I really do like them though - they feel really positive, there's definitely good medicine here.  Evidently the curandaras used to call the Huautla mushrooms -  Holy Children, which I love. I used to refer to them as "the kids" as well.

So now we're done with Flush 3, and the tub still looks healthy in the middle, but no pins. I'm leaving it to see what happens next. Eventually contamination will win, but that day isn't today.