Mushrooms are easy, but slightly demanding

Mushrooms are easy, but slightly demanding
Photo by Jay / Unsplash

I've started this blog because I really enjoy growing mushrooms. There are a lot of people who know a lot more about growing mushrooms than I do, and most of them have opinions. I'm sharing what I've learned so far, and what I'm learning as I go. Shrooms and me, and maybe you too - we're on a journey. There is so much wisdom and wonder packed into this wonderful medicine. Give them the best place to grow, and they will give you the best grow in return.

PF Tek is not your friend

When I first started looking into growing mushrooms, my research pointed me to PF Tek (brown rice flour cakes, mason jars, perlite, etc.). I tried it twice, I got a few shrooms each time. A few. And it was a pain in the butt. Don't waste your time. I think they inflict this on beginners to filter people out of the hobby.

Instead, do a monotub. Those beautiful canopies you see people post  - that's a monotub. They are totally achievable and you'll get several flushes with absolutely no problem if you follow simple directions. Really.

You don't need a grow kit

Also not your friend? Grow kits. I do recommend buying some parts of the process ready-made. If you're strapped for cash or you're handy and you want to DIY on some of the parts of the process I pay for - by all means go for it. Experiment, have fun. This is an enjoyable hobby. Undoubtably, you'll screw some things up. I did. Don't worry about it. Don't let it get you down. Move on.

You do need to be maniacally sanitary

We'll talk more about this in the how-to guide (or the "how I do" guide). Don't cut corners on hygiene. It's heart breaking to put time and effort into a project and see contamination at any stage. When you see contamination, your grow is probably over.

You're going to need a lot of friends

I love the growing process, so much so that I've run out of friends to give my mushrooms to. Get ready to get some more friends, make some blue honey, learn all about vacuum sealing to prep for the end of times, whatever. You're going to have a lot of shrooms. Just wait.