Mushrooms are Medicine and Issues with the Hype

Mushrooms are Medicine and Issues with the Hype
One of my boxes was "done" and I put the leftover sub outside under a tree. Nature finds a way. 

Finally, the world is coming back to plants to treat what ails us. But if you just want to get high and party, this probably isn't the droid for you.

Maximize your chances for a good trip

I have found that lower doses tend to be more fun, while higher doses tend to be more educational. At lower doses (1.5-2g), I commune with nature and my fellow trippers, the colors are beautiful, I laugh until my belly hurts, and everything is sparkly. At higher doses (2.75-3g), things might be extra fun, but I have also gotten smacked around with a lesson. I've not every gone into heroic dose territory. For me, the same dose has done different things on different days. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Using plants as medicine requires honesty and planning. You need to be honest with yourself about your mindset. Then you need to plan for the right environment and timing to maximize the opportunity to learn. That "set and setting thing" is solid guidance. Do you really want to meet God/experience ego death/have a super intense experience but you're somewhat concerned your trip might go off the rails? Get a tripsitter, or wait. You can always go again and go bigger. We're on a journey. No need to rush. God will be always be there. You can visit next time.

My problem with the positive psilocybin studies

The news is full of studies featuring the benefits of psychedelics and psilocybin in particular. I love it. It's a giant step forward (and back tbh) because people have been using plant medicine for thousands of years until some people decided it was a good idea to make nature illegal.... but i digress.

The results that folks are having in studies like these happen in controlled "set and setting" conditions. But what happens to people who see these studies, and think - yes, I need to work on myself, I'm giving this a try. Maybe they DIY with a group of friends after a few drinks on a Friday night... And they are not going to have the same experience. Depending on dose, they might even have a really bad experience. Mushrooms take no prisoners. Even with a good set and setting - things can get very real. Funguys can be full of lessons you may or may not enjoy. You don't get to choose your trip. The shrooms choose for you.

These articles need to come with guidance - "these studies were done in controlled environments.... do not expect same results" - similar to what you read when you invest in stocks "past results are not indicative of future gains."

You can have it all. You can learn from the medicine without going to a serious lab (that's what a shaman, curandera, tripsitter, or just plain experience is for), but it's going to take a bit of planning, a lot of reverence for the medicine, and you have to be really honest with yourself about whether you're in a place to receive.  

And some good news to end on today: Colorado has decriminalized magic mushrooms!