Trips? I've done that...

Trips? I've done that...

Generally, I think trip reports are about as interesting as hearing someone tell you about their dreams, so I'll keep it brief.

The first time I experienced the magic, I was in Amsterdam. The Smart Shop asked your weight, and how much experience you had (or wanted to have), and gave you your dose.  The shrooms were fresh from a fridge, and tasted like absolute butt. The trip came on fast - walking back to the hotel, I was on my knees following the patterns in the cobblestone streets. After a few hours, we tried to eat dinner, but it was too soon and the salad was squirming. It was the bomb.

Generally, shrooms make me laugh. So much that my stomach is sore and I run out of Kleenex from laugh/crying. At Burning Man 2003, I had fireworks inside my eyeballs when I shut my eyes. At a gothy bar, I met Quentin Tarantino on a patio and introduced him to the majestic tree I was hanging out with (to the delight of my friends) while we had a long chat about I don't know what else. It was a really long time ago. And last year, I tripped with a friend who had never tripped before. We talked about how time goes so slowly, and then so fast, and we were so snotty from laughing and crying from laughing, and then we were worried about whether the kitchen in our Airbnb was closed, or open (could we go in or not)? Completely ridiculous. But very important at the time.

So far, the magic has taught me to let go, to live more, to laugh more, and to just be in the moment. I do like it when things get a little weird. I'm still looking for a huge life lesson, but not quite ready to go for a huge dose. Going higher generally just makes me wish I wasn't as high.

Sometimes I wish this blog had comments, I'd like to know what you think. Let's talk about this when we meet. Hopefully we will sometime.